The Group successfully ventured into Real Estate by creating a series of residential spaces at strategic locations in Kolkata, Siliguri and Durgapur under the aegis of Dream Homes.


Our mission is to engage in issues that are of concern to individuals, families and communities through an uncompromising commitment to create outstanding living, work and leisure environments .


InvestImm started it’s journey almost 3 decades back. The Group has firmly established itself as a trustworthy and dependable organization in Real Estate Industry that delivers quality.

who we are.

We believe we are enablers of people's dreams.

“Through the innovative products we create, by way of flexible service options we build into these products, and through the sheer will to provide a customized business experience to our customers the Group remains strongly committed to fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of people.”


Fidele Grebelle

CEO, Investimm, Holdings

Investimm Properties: Residential - Commercial - Hospitality

Investimm, Dream Come True


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    Investimm is a global real estate development, construsction, and sales company representing builders from 8 countries in Africa: Ivory Coast, Mali, Guinea Conakry, the DRC, and more.


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